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The Suzuki Graduation System


Graduation is a means of acknowledging the student’s completion of a level in the Suzuki repertoire. In order to graduate:

1.) The student must be a member of the NSW Suzuki Music Australia See Parent Membership at suzukimusicnsw.com.au
Membership runs from 1st of February to 31st of January, and to graduate in any given year, you must have been a member in the preceding year.

2.) A recording of the child’s performance of the graduation piece is made with CD accompaniment, and sent to the Suzuki office where an independent report is prepared about the students’ performance.

3.) In addition to membership fees, there is a fee of approximately $65.00 to graduate for Level I, II or III. This fee covers the report on the graduation recording, a beautiful graduation certificate, and playing in the Graduation Concert at they Sydney Opera House.

Please note: The graduation system is not a pass or fail system. Invitations to make a graduation recording are at the discretion of the teacher.


Each year there is a Graduation Concert held at the Opera House in November.
This is a fantastic event where all students perform graduation pieces together. In previous years, an average of 750 students take part in the event.

Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)

Some students choose to supplement their Suzuki study with Australian Music Examinations Board exams, (AMEB).
Students from Heart Strings have received A+ grades up to and including Grade 8 in the AMEB system. Read more on the AMEB page.

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