Thank you for helping me to prepare all my pieces for the Eisteddfod. You are an inspirational teacher.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a wonderful violin teacher, With all of your patience, creativity, dedication and love, you have made a great difference for both Aiden and Kaylee


Congratulations on yet another magnificent concert. The students are your glory! You really shine through them. You are lovely with each of the children and I see so clearly that you care for every one of them. It’s delightful to watch you interacting with the children. We are so grateful for your gentleness and humility in teaching Emily, you are a lovely model for her to follow. Thank you in so many ways.

Alex and StuartParents

Thanks for everything you do to make this whole experience so much more than just learning how to play for Laura and I. I really feel blessed to be a part of it all.


Your teaching skills and insistence on high standards saw a marked improvement in your students’ performances. Thank you for ‘raising the bar’.

Students and ParentsTamworth Conservatorium

I can’t thank you enough for all the time, care and attention you put into my visit. I so much enjoyed hearing your students. You are a very gifted teacher with a vocation for bringing music to children and what you are achieving is really wonderful.

Jennifer NicksonAssociate Concertmaster Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden London

Your students are all so well prepared and set up behind their instruments but the fact that their musical understanding is clearly a priority speaks volumes for what you must be teaching them.


Rohan de KorteCellist, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

I attended the PLC String Soiree last night and just wanted to congratulate you on the the quality of work from your studio. Your students were so very well prepared and most of all, I loved listening to and watching the engagement with the works they were playing.

Deidre RickardsL.Mus A, MACE, ARCM, B.Mus.Ed. (Newcastle) B.Ed. (Deakin), OAM, Music educator and performer.